Toby Anderson responds to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Biden has just announced another set of inadequate measures against Russia. Putin has made clear that he considers Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic Republics, and Slovakia to be historical Russian territory. He is invading Ukraine now. There is no reason to believe that a tyrannical dictator, motivated by evil, will end his conquest in Ukraine. When Russia pushes further, we are at war.

Combination of Executive and Congressional legislation required:

  1. Immediately Write-off all US public and private debt held by the Russian government, corporations, and private citizens wherever they may reside (unless they are US permanent residents). Any individual or entity that tries to purchase that debt will be subject to the same effect. This needs to be backed up by an act of Congress.
  2. All Russian assets and income that are in US territory are to be frozen, seized and used to pay for supplies for Ukraine (military and non-military supplies) and for the training of the Ukrainians to fight Russian aggression until the Russians abandon this invasion.
  3. Require all Russian Federation citizens legally within the US to declare within 14 days their goal to seek citizenship or not (if eligible). If they choose not to (or are not eligible), then they will face immediate expulsion to a 3rd country.
  4. Open up all previously closed Oil and Gas production and distribution to boost supply to meet the demand needs of all of our allies that use Russian oil and gas. Also, bring our allies on board to do the same.
  5. Provide a temporary subsidy to export LNG and oil products to Europe and Ukraine (to all Russian customers) to match Russian pricing. This subsidy expires when Russia withdraws from Ukraine or 1 year – whichever is sooner.
  6. Liquidate seized Russian and Belarusan assets to pay for war materiel for Ukraine.

Executive/Diplomatic Actions:

  1. Compel our allies and 3rd countries to leave Russian sources of energy once we have replaced their supply.
  2. Require Each NATO country to put out an unequivocal statement that if Russia attacks any NATO country, no matter how close or small, they will declare war on Russia and defend their allies until Russia is expelled back to within its own borders or surrenders.
  3. Require Belarus to immediately break with Russia or be treated as an aggressor that is subject to all of the same measures as Russia.

In 1 week (or sooner if needed) – if the invasion has not stopped and Ukrainian resistance is collapsing, then:

  1. Immediately call upon allied countries close to Ukraine to call up their reserves for a long-term mobilization in preparation for a Russian attack.
  2. Commit some US troops to the defense of NATO, but reserve the vast majority for a Chinese attack on Taiwan. Our partner NATO countries will need to carry much of the European fight so we can ward off China’s next move.
    Use the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of war material (weaponry, vehicles, and supplies).
  3. Shut Russia and Belarus out of the SWIFT system (accommodates European requests, but forces the issue in a week).

We need strength through deterrence. If we are armed, ready, and poised to counter-attack, then we are more likely to get our enemies to back down or restrain themselves and avoid more violent conflict.