Toby Anderson responds to New Jersey’s new gender identity and sexual orientation education standards

Toby Anderson, the America First Veteran candidate for Congress, offered the following statement in response to the Westfield Board of Education sample lesson plan:

“With children failing to reach math and reading standards at alarming rates, NJ would rather teach sex education to first graders. This is disgusting and puts our children at risk of irreversible harm. 

I support the bill Congressman Van Drew is drafting that will require school districts nationwide to notify parents about any upcoming gender identity or sexual orientation lesson plans and I would propose an amendment to force these programs to be opt-in rather than opt-out. In January, I will also propose legislation to ban the use of puberty blockers by children and impose prison time on any individual who prescribes or provides these drugs to children outside of a clear medical need not related to gender dysphoria. Puberty blockers create a lifetime of complications and are irreversible.  Providing these drugs to children when they are most vulnerable is child abuse. Separately, Adults are free to make these decisions for themselves and should remain so in accordance with the freedom our Constitution guarantees.

The schools need to go back to teaching and leave the parenting to parents. It’s our kids, our choice.”