Yesterday, during the League of Women Voters (LWV) debate, Pro-Life candidate Toby Anderson offered his plan to introduce his “True Choice” legislation, Notably, primary opponents Tayfun Selen and Paul DeGroot declined to participate in the LWV debate. Toby Anderson renews his challenge for all candidates to participate in a minimum of two debates. 

Toby’s plan for the “True Choice Act:” 

  1. All Abortion providers throughout the US, at the federal government’s expense, will be required to offer and have the ability to deliver babies prematurely rather than proceed with the abortion, giving the mother a true choice even up to the moments before the scheduled abortion operation.  
  2. In order to eliminate one of the primary motivations for abortions and to demonstrate an understanding of the difficulties some expectant mothers face, the mother will be released of all financial, legal, and personal obligation to the child(ren) when they choose to give birth to them.  
  3. The federal government will pay for the cost of the birth, NICU care, and the fostering of the child(ren) until adoption. 
  4. The federal government will provide guaranteed loans to clinics to obtain the necessary equipment and supplies needed to add this capability to their facilities. 
  5. The Federal Government will fund research to make babies viable at even earlier stages of pregnancy with the appropriate care.  
  6. This legislation will criminalize the sale or use of aborted fetal tissue. Only tissue resulting from a natural miscarriage would be allowed to be used and/or sold for scientific purposes. This is to reduce commercial motivations to encourage abortions.