Toby Anderson Announces More Endorsements

Today, Toby Anderson, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district, announces endorsements from:

  • Lt. Steven Rogers – President of Campaign 4 America, retired Nutley Police Lieutenant and former Navy Intelligence Officer
  • Chairman Robert Paduchik – Ohio Republican Party Chairman, former Vice-Chair of the Republican National Committee and Senior Advisor to President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign 
  • Councilman Sean Mabey – Kinnelon, NJ
  • Jonathan Sym – 2021 Republican Candidate New Jersey State Assembly LD 27 

Chairman Paduchik released his endorsement via a video that can be accessed by clicking here

Lt. Rogers released the following statement:

“I am pleased to endorse a fellow military veteran, Conservative America First Republican, and a great patriot, Toby Anderson for the U.S. Congress NJ CD-11. Toby has demonstrated in both word and deed a strong commitment to the America First agenda, our Constitution, and the time-tested values our nation was founded upon. As a citizen who lives in CD-11, I meet people from both political parties and those who are unaffiliated every day. When we talk about the state of our nation, to a person no one is happy, and they blame the Democrat party for bringing ruin to America. I have spoken to many of them, Democrats and Unaffiliated, as well as Republicans, about Toby. When I share with them his impressive background, I believe by their responses, they believe they have found the candidate who will make a positive difference for them, their district, and the nation. I challenge anyone to examine Toby’s background vs the Democrat party candidate’s background and, in my view, no one will be able to deny that he is the best positioned and qualified Republican to defeat the Democrat opponent in November. I believe that this year’s midterm election is not about the candidates who have money that special interests can count on. Instead, it’s about candidates who have a message that We The People can count on. Toby Anderson has the message. And We the People can count on him!”