Toby Anderson Unveils School Safety Legislative Agenda


Toby Anderson, candidate for US Congress in New Jersey 11th Congressional District, is the only Republican candidate with a plan to make our schools safe and defend the Second Amendment from the radical left. Toby’s School Safety Plan will put unused COVID funds to work by: 

  • Hiring more school resource officers and increased funding for more training to ensure they are prepared for any situation 
  • Providing special training and certification for any member of the faculty who volunteers to carry. Carrying faculty will be eligible for a bonus/deduction 
  • Implementing the most advanced physical security measures including: 
    • Hardened first floors in our schools
    • Secure, multi-checkpoint entrance and more emergency exits 
    • Make Kevlar blankets available to students and teachers in each classroom
  • Providing increased Mental Health resources to help assess and prevent this extreme violence. 

“Leftist politicians are shamelessly politicizing an unspeakable tragedy to advance a political agenda. I am the ‘America First Veteran’ and father of three who will fight to defend our children and the Constitution in Congress.”