Empower Parents and Restore our Rights

Whether it be far-left education policies like Critical Race Theory that indoctrinate our children with divisive thinking, or overreaching mask and COVID child vaccine mandates that put family healthcare decisions in the hands of government – parents are increasingly being told to take a back seat. Government needs to leave parenting to parents – KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR KIDS.

An Affordable New Jersey

Under the failed leadership of Joe Biden and Mikie Sherrill, from gas to groceries, inflation is skyrocketing. Our families’ budgets are stressed to the breaking point. Labor shortages and the rising cost of energy have disrupted our supply chain, making goods and services scarce and less affordable and leading to the highest inflation in 40 years. We need to incentivize work, reduce the cost of energy, and roll back oppressive regulations and taxes that stifle economic growth.

Secure Our Southern Border

The situation at our southern border has devolved into a humanitarian crisis. The Biden administration’s open-border policies are sending the wrong message to those seeking legal immigration status, while separating families and making it easier for the trafficking of drugs and human beings. We need to secure our border – including resuming construction of the border wall, providing our border agents with needed personnel and resources, and holding accountable those who refuse to enforce our laws – NO SANCTUARY CITIES.

Strengthen Our National Security and Support Our Military

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan abandoned our troops and signaled weakness to our enemies. As a decorated veteran Toby understands that in order to do their jobs protecting our freedom, our men and women in uniform need to be supported – our military should be the best trained and equipped fighting force on the planet. Our responsibility to our veterans continues after their service.

End the Spending Spree

Our national debt has now exceeded 30 trillion, and the policies coming out of the Biden administration with the support of Mikie Sherrill promise to only continue to grow this burden for our children and grandchildren to pay for. Spending bills masked as COVID-relief and infrastructure spending are riddled with wasteful giveaways to special interests and pet projects for career politicians.  We need to get spending under control before it is too late.

Free Speech for All

Freedom of speech is a constitutional right guaranteed to all Americans, not just those of a certain political party or ideology. Today, too much of the political discourse is controlled by Silicon Valley CEOs and media elites.  Congress needs to step in to protect this right for all Americans and put an end to Cancel Culture.

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